Even though spring has not quite sprung yet, this is the time to start considering your spring maintenance plans.

The snow melts and the rain starts. So do the leaky pipes and roofs, the cracked paint, the weed surge and the potholes. How do you keep your residents happy in a time like this? You better get those work orders entered in to your property management system, and have your maintenance team on top Continue reading

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The way a property looks is determined by many different factors. It is not simply the maintenance of landscaping or the dumpster overflowing. All the components have to match in the puzzle of aesthetics, and every little detail will come together and become one great looking property.

Besides from current property maintenance tasks, the following may be a few other “upgrades” you can take into consideration.

  1. What do you require from your tenants?

If you are dealing with a commercial building, what are the restrictions regarding window displays? Windows, signs and curtains have a big effect on the appearance, and even though you might think everyone will want their storefronts to look tip-top, people have different ideas of what tip-top means. Set up some guidelines, and Continue reading

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When hiring a new maintenance technician for your property management company, what is the most important personality trait that you are looking for?

Most hiring managers would give you the same answer: motivation. This does not just apply to maintenance staff, but property managers and leasing staff as well. Competence is something that can be developed, but motivation is a trait you will be looking for when hiring. It is also a trait that needs to be nurtured.

It can be hard to identify a job seeker’s level of motivation during an interview, so calling a previous employer is a good idea for reference. Any job seeker can find someone to use for a reference, but the trick is so ask the right questions. An obvious question could be “What do you think motivated X to do a good job?” Another question could be about working hours: “Was X the kind Continue reading

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If you are looking for property management software, it probably means you have all ready realized how difficult it is to manage a property without the correct tools.  Whether you are using paper & pen, good old excel, or maybe Quickbooks – There are definitely some more specialized options out there.

That realization doesn’t help much, if you have no idea how to choose. How can the different options be told apart? Each software has it’s good and bad sides.

Total Management Pro’s:

- We have a full accounting package that Continue reading

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Happy Veterans Day! To everyone who has served, everyone who is currently serving and everyone Continue reading

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