Happy Veterans Day! To everyone who has served, everyone who is currently serving and everyone Continue reading

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We had a great time at the NOAA Trade Continue reading

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We have been asking customers to leave reviews on an additional website, Capterra.

Thanks to our wonderful customers, for such good reviews! We Continue reading

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Welcome to our new Team Member Continue reading

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That is the question that I have asked myself for many years. Having been in the property management industry for nearly a decade, I have realized that it doesn’t matter the class or size of the property this question always stays with you. It didn’t matter if I was at a class D property with 65 units, or a class A with 150 units, you always want to know how you could be better at your job.

In my own career I was blessed with an amazing mentor that showed me how to be successful. She always told me the key to running a property was communication and showing your face to your residents. Never stay sitting at your desk, never ignore your phone, and never ask anyone to do something that you would not do. That last statement is one that stands out to me the most!

You will earn an entirely different level of respect from your employees, as well as your residents, if they see you working just as hard as everyone else. Having Continue reading

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