Fall Insects and Pests

Summer may be considered the worst time for pests, but the Fall months can bring their own problems, too. As the weather gets cooler and winter approaches, many pests will turn their attention to finding warmer, safer places to shelter and locate food. Unluckily for you, your home is the perfect place for rodents and insects to ride out the bad weather. Where once you could avoid vermin and creepy crawlies by staying indoors, now they are coming to you!

Let’s take a look at what you might find and how you can protect yourself from a winter pest invasion.

Pests in the Fall

antsYou’ll find a lot of variety when it comes to the kind of pests invading your home during the colder months. They are all looking for the same things – a warm, secure place to shelter, and a good supply of food. It’s not hard to see why the average home makes for such a popular choice among pests.


Ants may be small, but they can be a big problem. There are dozens of different types of ant that could try and make their way into your home, and if they get in they could cause serious damage. Carpenter ants can chew through beams and furniture, while other types of ants may contaminate foodstuffs if they are left exposed. No one wants to find ants on their dinner!

Remember that there is no such thing as a single ant. If you see the odd ant in your home, you need to kill it. These lone ants are the scouts for the colony: let them leave and they’ll return to the nest with news of the ample food and shelter your home contains.


Mice and rats will be one of the biggest problems as the weather turns colder. They can squeeze through incredibly small cracks and holes in your property, so it might not be possible at first glance to see how they are getting in. Once inside, they will often gnaw through beams, walls, and electrics. Left long enough these vermin can cause serious structural damage and even fires. They also breed incredibly quickly, so a couple of mice or rats don’t stay that way for very long.

Another problem with rodents is that they often bring other visitors into your home along with them. Fleas, ticks and lice can all enter your home on mice or rats, along with serious diseases such as Salmonella.


Not only are cockroaches one of the most abundant pests, they are also one of the most disgusting. Nobody likes to see even a single cockroach in the bathroom, or running across the kitchen counters. An entire infestation of them, on the other hand, can make a home uninhabitable. There are dozens of different species of cockroach that could come into your home, bringing in harmful bacteria and diseases along with them. They can also cause (more…)

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Leave a review on FindTheBest, and they will (more…)

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A Few of us here at Total Management attended the Cleveland Development Summit on Friday June 12th. Cleveland is emerging as an international center for healthcare, politics, business, andentertainment. (more…)

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excelvssoftwareArticle written by Emma Shean at RPM (Residential Property Managers)

Oh, Excel. Look at you with your hundreds of columns and fancy mathematical equations. Why do you look so professional when really you’re making property managers’ lives hell?

It’s because Excel was not made for trust accounting. In fact, it’s probably costing you time and increasing your stress-related computer rage. You might justify using spreadsheets because you only have a small rent roll, or because it’s what your predecessors used, or because you think that using software would be costly and just not worth it. So why is Excel so bad for your business?

Excel is not an intuitive system

While it’s great for manually typing data into tiny rectangles, spreadsheets are not made for automatically generating invoices that you can print or email your tenants, owners or suppliers. Due to the lack of a central database with multiple components, (more…)

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hot-propertyHere in Cleveland it seems that a new apartment building is popping up every week. You see new “Now Leasing” signs posted on the curb side, new banners hanging on the side of buildings, ads popping up on google for the “New hot place to live”, or “Luxury loft living”. You even see advertisements for apartments while watching your favorite sporting teams.

According to a study done by economist Stephen S. Fuller, PH.D of George Mason University Center for Regional Analysis, the number of apartment residents is growing. It went from 36 million in 2013 to 37 million today. In just 2 years it has grown by 1 million residents. This is great news, as it has added roughly 190.7
billion (more…)

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